Wood Energy and Invasive Species


Humans can impact population equilibriums by introducing species from other ecosystems. While many introduced plant and animal species are unable to survive or join the native flora or fauna and do no measurable harm, others become invasive and may …

Biodiversity and Wildlife

by Diomy Zamora and Charlie Blinn

Biological diversity (biodiversity) considers the richness and abundance of plant and animal life in an area. The three components of biodiversity are:

  • Genetic diversity (variation of genes within a species or population),
  • Species diversity

Air Quality and Human Health

by Diomy Zamora and Charlie Blinn

Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals, particulate matter, or biological materials into the atmosphere. The two primary sources of air pollution are from natural (e.g., smoke from wildfires, volcanic activity, radon gas) and …

Water Quality and Quantity

by Diomy Zamora and Charlie Blinn

Water is a universal resource that sustains life and is integral to maintaining productivity of the land. Biomass harvesting and utilization for energy can affect water quality and quantity. Water quantity is the timing …