Waste and Debris Collection

By: Lauren McDonnell

Two major sources of urban wood residue are the woody portion of municipal solid waste (MSW) and construction and demolition debris. Of the 62.1 million dry tons of urban wood residues generated annually, about 28.3 million …

Short Rotation Woody Crops

By: S. Ashton

A stand of fast growing hybrid poplar.

Fast growing short rotation woody crops (SRWC), such as hybrid poplars, willows, and other species, are specifically grown to be an energy feedstock. The species of trees are often chosen …

Timber Harvest Residues

By: S. Ashton

Harvesting residues from Southeastern forestland.

Residues from forest harvesting operations include logging residues (i.e. branches, tops, and stumps) left on-site, low-quality commercially grown trees, dead wood, and other noncommercial tree species. Other residues include wood that has …