Energy Benefits

By: C.D. Foster, J. Gan, and C. Mayfield

In the United States, 86 percent of the total energy consumed comes from fossil fuels, 6 percent from renewable energy sources, and 8 percent from nuclear power. Of the renewable energy, 34 …

Introduction to Renewable Natural Resources

Image:Biomass4_170px.jpgeXtension’s team of woody biomass experts provide this brief introduction to Renewable Natural Resources which highlights woody biomass for generating heat and electricity, fuels, and bioproducts.

By Eric L. Taylor, Texas AgriLife Extension Service

Renewable Energy Sources

A renewable natural …

Concerns Over Greenhouse Gases

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Wood, coal, oil and natural gas are all made of carbon-based compounds. Burning these feedstocks releases carbon, which then becomes carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas. The big difference between wood and fossil fuels is that the carbon released by …